Swimming Pools

It's swimming pool season. Summer is (almost) finally here, and we are showing more and more skin everyday. As a confident, sort of saucy gal it's my favorite time of year; time to shed my layers and show all my skin and show off my bod. However, one of my BIGGEST issues with media and just modern societies way of thinking today is that women are told not to love their bodies. We are told to shrink ourselves, eat less, work harder, stay fit, stay clean, stay available, and somehow stay happy. When women's bodies aren't being objectified or degraded they are often being compared to other women's bodies, making every other woman think they aren't good enough. NO woman needs to feel like she is ANY less than a women because she isn't a size zero, or she is flat chested. Side note, let's keep in mind that saying someone is "sooooo skinny" can also hurt, one's person goal could be someone's insecurity, don't judge people by something they might not be able to control. I just wish people could see that the way you look in a bathing suit by no means defines who you are as a person. "Shaping up for bikini season" shouldn't be a thing. But really, I love summer time and getting the chance to actually see my legs after they've been in winter hiding for so long. It gives me the chance to just remember how rockin' my body is and how lucky I am to simply have a working, healthy, lovely body. I urge you to remember the same. So with that, I've made some steps for myself on how to stay body positive this summer. Here they are, maybe you'll find them helpful as well :)
Try to stay generally positive about everything in life. Make the littlest things the best things, then you'll have less to be upset about. Most the time, when you're unhappy, one thing leads to another, it's easy to turn to hating your appearance. An easy way to skip melt downs and break downs is to just make the best of everything, avoiding upset at all costs.
Find other activities that are better for you and more worth your time. Things that don't involve worrying about what you look like.
Honestly, just work it. Know your body and flaunt every curve and crevice there is. Walk with your head up high and with power in your step and you'll feel flawless, I swear. Plus, you'll get heads turning, and people will see just how fabulous you are.
Don't feel like you need to hide anything; rolls, stretch marks, cellulite, freckles, scars, birth marks, ANYTHING on you're body someone might otherwise convince you to be self conscious about, DON'T BE. Vow not to hide, or edit out any part of your body because of what someone else might think. It's what makes you 100% you! And ALL of you is beautiful :)

I hope at least some of this was a bit motivational, maybe a little rambly, but at least a tiny bit empowering, or something... I love you all so so much. Go buy a bathing suit you KNOW you FEEL AMAZING IN and knock everyone off of their plastic pool chairs, just by showing them how great it is to be a strong, powerful, beautiful woman!! YGG!!

And finally... here is my current mood, as exams have just started:


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