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SCAD Day in Atlanta! +JOSEPHINE!

I VISITED SCAD!! And LOVED it! Okay okay, so I know what your thinking... SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design, in Atlanta? YES! SCAD Has four locations, Savannah (duh), Atlanta, Hong Kong, and Lactose (France). This weekend, SCAD was having an event that they have a few times a year called "SCAD DAY" held in Atlanta, Georgia; we went to classes, met admissions representatives, took tours, and of course, took photos in the photo booth!... typical.......

I really loved the SCAD building and had a lot of fun, but to be honest I don't know if I see myself if such a constrained space for four years. Good thing is however, once you're into one SCAD campus, you're into them all. That being said, I could go to Hong Kong for any semester, any year, same tuition and all that jazz. Pretty amazing. So if I do end up at SCAD, I would probably spend some time in Atlanta. Who knows though!

Sorry I really didn't get any photos of the campus, but here are some from online :)
 After SCAD......
We walked thorough the Atlanta Botanical Gardens which were just beautiful, absolutely beautiful. We took some outfit photos in there which are coming soon hehehe...
Then I met up with Josephine one of my best friends from camp!!! Seeing her in real life was so so weird, but so amazing. We wont be at camp together this summer so I was really glad to get to visit her for a day.
I told Josy to take me to all her favorite places in ATL, and with that, I was introduced to bubble tea......
It was so confusing... Holy crapskies. I can't even describe how weird it was. Like what even is it? Ehhh....
 Then to Yeah! Burger
 I got a vegan burger and Parmesan truffle fries, everything was DELICIOUS!
The famous Jeni's ice cream!!
Late late that night, after sadly saying goodbye to Josy, my dad and I went to a dessert place called Café Intermezzo for cake. SO GOOD. I'm drooling just thinking about it right now... oh man.
After a long long day yesterday, I fell asleep just about immediately, and then did the same for a four hour drive to Savannah today... Pictures of Savannah coming so soon!

I love you ATL, until next time :) xo


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