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Dress + sunnies- Forever 21

So there's something funny about this dress... At first I thought about not telling you all but then I thought, hey, why not. I'm actually wearing it backwards... So the first and only time I ever wore this dress around a year ago, I spilled nutella down the fro…

Magic Hour

Happy Saturday! Right now all I can think about is Biology, all day long I've been relearning, reviewing, and restudying bio for my exam on Monday. However, this afternoon, Ally came over for a little study break and we took some pics.

I'm not feeling too great tonight, so I'm going to…

Swimming Pools

It's swimming pool season. Summer is (almost) finally here, and we are showing more and more skin everyday. As a confident, sort of saucy gal it's my favorite time of year; time to shed my layers and show all my skin and show off my bod. However, one of my BIGGEST issues with media and jus…

Swimming Pools Short Video

Hey guys! Here is the super duper short video I made to go along with an upcoming post :) Get excited! xo

Feeeeel Gooooood

Happy Tuesday y'all :)
I have been SO busy lately, and with business, often comes stress. I know quite a few people are in the same freaked out/stressed out boat as I am right now so I thought I'd share some good vibe collages I made. I had such a great time making these and they feature m…

ATLT + Grayson Shop!

Hello! I teamed up with the totally awesome online shop, Grayson to show off some of their cutest summer pieces! I received four articles in the mail, two shorts, a sweater, and a shirt. Then with that I created four outfits good for any summer day.

This first piece is my favorite: black and whit…

Café Café Café

When you finally find a place with pretty food and a marble table. I think I'm in love with Savannah A photo posted by olivia ruffin (@olivebarrett) on May 4, 2015 at 5:56am PDT
Espressosososossss ☕️ A photo posted by olivia ruffin (@olivebarrett) on May 3, 2015 at 12:22pm PDT
Happy Sunday! Toda…

Bike Route

wearing: overalls- Forever21 // sunglasses- Forever21 // shirt- Target (I DIYed a screen print on the front but you can't even tell) shoes- Chinese Laundry 

Last week in Savannah, as the sun was setting, my dad and I rented some bikes and rode around town. The cool thing about Savannah is that…


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