HAPPY TUESDAY!! So far, although I've had a lot of work, this week has been pretty great. Except for the fact that this afternoon I for some reason thought it was Friday... and when it turned out to be Tuesday?... yeahhhh that was disappointing. However, the weather has been so SO rainy lately, so it was nice to catch a quick photo seshh before the thunder storms tomorrow... ugh. April showers bring May flowers though right?!

Outfit- Hidden Fashion

I just got in a huge haul from Hidden Fashion. My new fave place to shop online! Seriously though, it's so cheap and they have clothes from all trends. I luvvv me some Hidden Fashion. It is orig a company in the UK so shipping isn't that cheap, but lets just say I got five pairs of shoes and two dresses, two shirts and a pair of mom jeans for $100.... sooooooo yeah, it's amazing.
This weekend is our Prom, man oh man, I just ordered my dress form asos, I REALLY hope it gets here in time. My dress is honestly pretty casual, but I am going to play it up with an AMAZING piece of jewelry and some fabulous heels of course. And not to mention stellar makeup and hair! I gotta look on Pinterest for some hair ideas though... Any tips for styling a long pixie? xo!
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