Ramen and Protips

Hey guys! Last night when I was trolling around on the internet looking at all my fave blogs I found Alyssa Lau's list of eighteen tips for bloggers. I really enjoyed reading through these and felt like they're really legit and useful. SO I thought I'd share them with you :)
And I threw in some photos of me eating Ramen noodles cause I'm weird great like that.


ONE / Appreciate yourself!

TWO / As a wittle blogger in a very big and crowded blogosphere, it's paramount to connect with creators and creative minds in your community (whether in-person or online). And online communities and hubs such as Lookbook and Chictopia are great websites for bloggers to branch out and network. On that note, make an effort to attend local events. Your home will become a lot cooler when you find out how many creative minds live there.

THREE / Stay inspired. Throughout the years I've been blogging, Tumblr has been a phenomenal source of inspiration. Every now and then, I'll find a photo that strikes me, or an outfit that I want to a adapt to my own aesthetic.
FOUR / Blog about things that you're passionate about.
FIVE / Never, ever tell yourself you can't "pull something off". This is the poorest excuse to not try something new. If you truly believe that you can pull off  that floor-length faux fur coat, then nobody is doubting you.
SIX / Don't fret over how many followers you have (unless you enjoy the constant anxiety and stress that comes with doing so).
SEVEN /  Ask questions. Lots of them. And if people don't reply. Ask me.
EIGHT / Yes, it's really weird having someone take photos of you sporting your new fave outfit. But have fun with it. If you have a friend or S.O. who can help you take photos, remind them how much you appreciate them. And if not, then invest in a tripod and wireless remote.
NINE / Be receptive to constructive criticism, but don't take crap from people. There's a fine line between trying to help someone and just being an jerk. But, at the same time, be kind to everyone.
TEN / Try to make the most out of the opportunities you get. This isn't saying you should accept every collaboration request you get (especially the ones that don't resonate with your own personal aesthetic). Just keep as many doors open, and eventually you'll be glad you did.
ELEVEN / Post persistently and consistently.
TWELVE / Use that sharpen tool in Instagram. Do it.
THIRTEEN / And while we're talking about Instagram. Download VSCO Cam, and make sure to download the free filters they offer. Maybe you'll find one you'll like.
FOURTEEN / Find a blogging platform that works for you. I currently use Blogspot, but Wordpress and Squarespace have great templates should you be hesitant about coding your own blog.
FIFTEEN / I own a [Canon Reble T3i] with a 50mm f/1.8 lens. You don't necessarily need a full frame camera, but a lens with a large aperture (small f-stop) is definitely one you should invest in. A shallow depth of field will make a whole lotta difference in photos.
SIXTEEN / Stop paying attention to trends. This isn't to say that you can't appreciate trends. Just forget about them. Go treat yourself to that thing you love but is no longer flaunted by magazines. Style is eternal. Trends, not so much.
SEVENTEEN / Learn how to code. Learn about lighting and photography. Learn everything you can.
EIGHTEEN / Google knows all. If you're going to remember anything from this post, this would probably be the most important. 


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