No, this blog post is not titled after the city in France. It's titled after the song, "Nantes" by Beirut. Nantes was my favorite song a while back, it has recently been brought back into my life and sounds so much better now. Does that ever happen to you? You have a favorite song, overplay it wayyyy too much, but then a year or so later you listen to it again and it sounds different some how? I think it's the place I'm in now vs. the place I was in say, Christmas of my sophomore year... A lot has changed and I feel good. Nantes is also my alarm each morning. People say, "make your alarm something you hate so then you HAVE to get out of bed!" But I disagree, I like to start the day listening to my favorite song, it puts me in the best mood! Thanks Nantes, thanks Beirut.
jacket- Calvin Klein Denim // shirt- Sparkle + Fade (Urban Outfitters) // shorts- vintage Lee

I LOVE this outfit. When I first bought these shorts, I'm not going to lie, I HATED them. Why did I buy them if I hated them so much? Well, I was 14 and high waisted shorts were a huge trend as always, yet I had zero pairs. I wanted any pair I could get my hands on. I had to force myself to like every pair of high waisted shorts I could find. It was a weird phase I guess.... Anyway, I love them so much now and I'm thankful for my weird obsessive 14 year old self. Thanks me :)
Do you own any high waisted shorts? xo
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