Baby Daffodil

Yup, it's officially spring here in Virginia, and it is beau-tif-ul!!! Besides the fact that I have the worst allergies and I'm all jacked up on meds, I feel great and I have a feeling this season is going to be fantastic!

I just ordered a BUNCH of new clothes online, I'm buying a new lens for my camera tomorrow, Emma's coming in town soon, I have a few giveaways coming up... this is a VERY exciting time of year :) And school is almost out! I am so close to being over and done with my junior year and I cannot wait, this year has been way too much work, I'm already ready for my senior slide to begin lol. But really, one week until Dean Aronhalt returns, two weeks until Emma visits, four weeks until we travel to Boulder, fifty something days until school is out, and less than three months until I get to visit Courtney in South Carolina!! Life issss goooooddd \(^v^)/
I'm wearing: hat- vintage Betmar // shirt- Land's End // shorts- H+M // shoes- Forever 21
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