ATLT X Chloe + Isabelle + A RAFFLE!! ((CLOSED))

First things first, I'm back! My camera was sent to me last night, looking clean, pristine, and more beautiful than ever! AND! My new lens came in! Everything is perfect in the blogging world right now! I have so much coming up now that it's warm outside I have lots of plans for zee blogg YAY!!!!
That paragraph was pure exclamation points... YAY!

But now to the real stuff... This month I connected with the fabulous women of Chloe + Isabel. I was asked to show off some of their amazing jewelry, and here it is! The great thing about Chloe + Isabel, is that all their jewelry is hypoallergenic, nickle free, and handcrafted. It's perfect for everyone!!

In the spirit of spring, and this beautiful jewelry, I'm hosting a little raffle, the winner is chosen randomly and will receive $25 off any $75 purchase, that's only $50!! What a steal! Enter soon! The raffle ends in THREE DAYS! And the code is only available until the 6th! So enter, enter, ENTER!!! And GOOD LUCK! xoxoxoxo
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