All My Stars

 top- Brandy Melville // skirt- Forever 21 // hat- Target // shoes- Forever 21

I'm almost immediately regretting wearing this hat.... I don't know, it looked cute when trying this outfit on, but then when I was editing the photos I was like... ehhhhhh, whyyyyyy... I love the hat don't get my wrong, it just doesn't really work here. I don't know, what do you think?

This shirt on the other hand I do love, and love a lot. I am currently borrowing it from my main bae, Isabelle, she has the best clothes ever. My plan is to slowly but surly steal everything from her wardrobe before she leaves for Italy next year... mwahahaha!
However, the only down side to this shirt is that you can't wear a bra with it. I'm sorta on the bustier side so I can't really get away with not wearing a bra as some other ladies probably could. Just some food for thought if you're considering buying this shirt or something lol swag.
So I know this last photo doesn't really fit with the other ones I know, but I thought it looked really cool so yay! 

Oh! This weekend I am heading to Atlanta, Georgia and Savannah, Georgia to visit some colleges. And while I'm there I get to visit my camp friend Josephine!! I literally cannot wait! This week needs to hurry up and just end already.
What are your weekend plans?

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