Wait A While

Hello beautiful readers, I'm sad to say that I, in fact have hit a wall. Not only do I have nothing good/new to post, but I have no idea where to take photos, and just get so discouraged when trying. I don't like anything I see! Plus I feel like no one is reading, I never get comments, I am loosing followers like rapid fire on Instagram, it's like, why post when no one is even looking? It's also so hard not to compare myself to other really successful bloggers, who just have it going on and it works so well for them. I feel like my blogging is sorta pointless. It's really frustrating, that just piled on top of all the freaking work I have to do for school, oh man... so so much work. I've decided it's best to take a break. Maybe until spring gets here and is in full bloom, right now it's just grey, cold and ugly. 
I will see y'all in a week or so, maybe two, stick around though, please. I will be back. 


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