Spring Breakers

dress and glasses- Forever21 // jacket- Calvin Klein Jean // bag- Carlos Santana

It's spring break and I'm stuck at home. Everyone is somewhere tropical and/or exotic I'm here in 'ol RVA, where the weather is moody and I have a head cold. In all fairness however, I just came home from India and that is worth all the spring breaks combined. So, I'm not complaining... (even though I sort of just did for a second there...) buttttttttt since I am here with nothing too wild going on I thought I'd do a funky fun little outfit post here on this here blog o mine. Messing around with Photoshop, although I'm not all that great, is my specialty...

I got a $20 gift card to Forever 21 and just spent it on this dress and sunglasses yesterday!! I was SO excited when I read that the dress was $19.99 but it rung up as $14.99 (I think I just read it wrong but anyway super exciting none the less) Which gave me the chance to swing back and purchase these sunnies I had been eying!! Forever 21 is so on point all the time. I feel like my online shopping cart is always opened just whispering "buuuyyyyyyy meeeeee..... buyyyyyyy meeeeeeeeee" but I never do. F21 is just so close to home, I prefer an in-store haul. But that doesn't stop me from some online browsing. What can I say, it's a guilty pleasure..?

What are your favorite stores?
Tomorrow I plan to post some India pics, so keep an eye out for those!

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