Pinspiration Monday- Bombshell

Remember when I was blonde? I'm not going to lie, I do think blondes have more fun because I LOVED it!! That is until it got really brassy and just looked awful... (don't dye it yourself, trust me) But it was so much fun for the first few weeks.

Summer is coming up pretty shortly here and I was thinking, I might just dye my hair blonde again, once it's a little bit longer. But this time, Bombshell Blonde!! I LOVE The super platinum/white blonde color, I think it is so beautiful and PERFECT for summer. Who knows maybe that will be around the corner for me hehehe ;)

What do you think about bombshell blonde? Comment!!

All photos are from Pinterest, follow me for more! :)
P.s. This post was written and scheduled last week..  But lol its only been a few days and I do already miss blogging :(


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