INDIA (Part 2)

Helloooooo! It's Friday (finally) and time to share the last batch of India photos of the second half of our trip :) Above is the "party car squad" They're the best!
With The Doon School, (a boys school we have an affiliate program with) we went to some schools where we taught English, math, and played games! The kids were SO cute!! I also helped out in painting a classroom. I loved spending time with the kids, they were all SO eager to learn :)
 The last place we stayed was an Eco Lodge in Rishikesh. My favorite place by far. It was in the Himalayas, over looking the Ganges... oh man, it was SO beautiful. 
Inside our tents at the Eco Lodge
 Mountain mornings
And then we celebrated Holi four times... Holi is the Hindu festival of color, and new life. Joy and awakening essentially. Each time we celebrated was so different and so much fun :)

Happy Holi!!!
And that's the last of my India photos :( If I somehow recover my photos I'll try to post some more, but ughh I can't believe I lost them.... Seriously SO dissapointing!!
But I have these and ALL the AMAZING memories!!!
I will definitely be going back sometime in my life.


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