Hang Tight

overalls and shirt- Forever 21 // hat- Target

It's Tuesday and eighty degrees! It's been heating up here in RVA, unfortunately I think tomorrow it's supposed to drop down to 50something. I am LOVING the sun. Perfect timing right, just as spring break ends... humph. It does make school more enjoyable though that's for sure. 
I've been listening to a lot of One Direction again lately.... hahaha... it's true though! They are SO amazing! And can we just talk about Hottie Styles... oh wait... sorry... I meant... Harry....(lol). I'm so in love. But then there's Ansel Elgort... and the Sprouse twins... and of course we can't forget Lovely Leo!! Oh man, I'm crushing hard, I think I'll make a heart throb post some time soon. But I'm not even kidding, I really will.

Okay now about this look. I know what you're thinking, "Gee Olivia, This outfit looks framiliar..." It's not the same, but the similar idea to this post I did during the summer. I love overalls, and what can I say, these aren't a one and done kinda deal... If you've noticed, my hair is getting longer. I think I want to grow it out a bit and then chop is so it's all one length, like, this but then again this is so classic too. Right now it's in that, long in the front short in the back stage, and with this hat, I sorta look like a pilgrim... hey it's getting there. And just watch, I'll probably get impatient and just chop it off again... So typical...


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