Remember when not too long ago I said that I would make a post of all my fave hotties and number one loves? Well yeah, I did, and here it is!!

Okayyyy... Let's start off with the classic babe, Leo. I mean... duh. I just got a phone case with the photo above on it and I'm in love. He is forever my one and only true love, no matter how long his beard gets... I love him now, then and forever!
Cole Sprouse. Okay I know this photo is sort of old, but honestly trying to find a photo was kinda hard. If you follow him on instagram and or tumblr you'd know is hillarious! And adorable none the less. Remember when he was just little Cody and a total nug?! Look at him now! Swooooooon.
Ezra Miller is a total looker, man oh man. He's got the hair, the jaw line, the lips, he's winning in the game of lookin fly. I actually have this photo printed on my wall next to my bed.
Ansellllll. My mom and I both love lil Ansel Elgort. He is just SO fine! haha but no kidding, he's been the background on my phone for like... a month.. and that's long! I normally change it just about every other day! Oh and not to mention... it's a shirtless pic ;) And the photo above is on my bathroom door hehehe
 Lucky Blueeeeee. Whata babee. I love Lucky Blue, he's such a cutie and a total hottie mwahaha
And then of course... Harry Styles, duh.


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