Pinspiration Monday- Bombshell

Remember when I was blonde? I'm not going to lie, I do think blondes have more fun because I LOVED it!! That is until it got really brassy and just looked awful... (don't dye it yourself, trust me) But it was so much fun for the first few weeks.

Summer is coming up pretty shortly here and …

Wait A While

Hello beautiful readers, I'm sad to say that I, in fact have hit a wall. Not only do I have nothing good/new to post, but I have no idea where to take photos, and just get so discouraged when trying. I don't like anything I see! Plus I feel like no one is reading, I never get comments, I a…


Remember when not too long ago I said that I would make a post of all my fave hotties and number one loves? Well yeah, I did, and here it is!!

Okayyyy... Let's start off with the classic babe, Leo. I mean... duh. I just got a phone case with the photo above on it and I'm in love. He is for…

INDIA (Part 2)

Helloooooo! It's Friday (finally) and time to share the last batch of India photos of the second half of our trip :) Above is the "party car squad" They're the best!
With The Doon School, (a boys school we have an affiliate program with) we went to some schools where we taught En…

INDIA (part 1)

If you've been reading along by now you'd know that I recently took a trip to India. If you're new here, I WENT TO INDIA!!! First I'll give a little background about my trip: At my school we have one week where groups of students either travel around the world, the US, or just stay…

Jump In

Jumpsuits are bae
And that's all I have to say about that.
 jumpsuit- Calvin Klein // purse- H+M // shoes- asos

Easy Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread!! (YUM!)

Hey guys! While my grandma was in town, we wanted to bake something... See she's gone gluten free so we had to make sure to factor that into the mix (literally... the bread mix haha wink wink) I'd really been craving pumpkin pie (weird I don't know) soooo we decided to settle on a glut…


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