Words With Sunday Is Back! Chapter 39

Wow, it sure has been a while since I last posted about brunch. Things have been suuuppperrrr busy, either Pops is out of town, or busy, or I have some event. Woe is me right? What is a weekend if brunch isn't involved?! *sigghhhh*

Howeeeevverrrr! This weekend we did go to brunch and it was GREAT! We went to a little, and I mean little, place down in Shockoe Bottom called The Luncheonette. It was SOOOO CUTE! A total 1950's diner-esque theme going on. Elvis and Marilyn Monroe staring at you at all angles..... ehh... But no really, this place was devilishly fun. I think I am going to make it my go-to spot. They're open until three am every night, and serve nothin' but shakes and breakfast. Ice cream and pancakes? Yes please!
Papa ordered an omelet, he said it was "okkkayyy" I don't believe him, it looked great. I did try his potatoes, those were really good.
 like a little nugget on the edge of the stool being awkward, what else is new
 sip sip sip!
I (surprise surprise) got a savory little thing. I couldn't decide between the coffee cake pancakes or Fame's French Toast. I asked our waitress what she thought I should get, but she couldn't choose either, so she suggested we combine them and make Fame's Coffee Cake French Toast! Made special just for me off the menu!! I felt pretty magical, like a celebrity or something, you know, I mean... they made that up on the spot... for meeeeee.  Hahaha, I'm sure it wasn't that difficult, but still...
 awk heehaw
shirt- Target // skirt- gifted Forever 21 // sunglasses- gifted Forever 21 // head scarf- thrifted // earrings- Grandmother's // bag- gifted // shoes- ShoeMint // socks- Forever 21 // jacket- thrifted

I got this skirt for my birthday and I love it. Full skirts are everywhere nowadays, and I am in love. Here are some on my wishlist:
From Choies: 1/2/3/4/5/
From Asos: 1/2/3/4/5/6/
What can I say, I love em!

I love the vibe this look has, it's like a mash of 50s classic meets 90s punk meets 80s funk. My kinda grunge-y meets funkyspunkyquirky look. I dig it, thanks Ally for the awesome skirt.
 I hope you all have a fabulous week. I'm visiting colleges tomorrow (woohoo?) What are your plans?


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