Words With Sunday + Chapter 41

Good Morning my little angel babies! At the moment it is 6:08 am and I've been awake for two hours already. Oh, and it's Monday... I got up oh so early so I could finish an assignment for English, and believe you me, it was not short. But I finished in an hour and now have three hours to just... hang out I guess. I can never get back to sleep, plus now that I'm already dressed and ready to go, going back to sleep just isn't going to happen. Howwwweeeeverrrrr... Blogging is!
And without further ado, Words With Sunday.

This Sunday we went to a new(ish for us together) spot (I've been with Sunni in the past) called Belly Timber et ce était très bon! Unfortunately my foodie pictures didn't turn out well so I sorta nixed those out of this bunch. But that doesn't mean the food wasn't DELICIOUS!! Because it totally was... I ordered the French Toast, which came with eggs and hash browns. OooOoOoO Weeeee! I've had good French Toast in my time, but this was fab-u-lous! Pop ordered the Duck Confit omelet and he couldn't quit raging about how spectacular it was. Although we waited a while for our food it was worth it. Plus, I enjoy my dad's company, so I didn't mind :)
dress, jacket, socks- Forever 21 // ring- Etsy // shoes- Danskos

I really really love this outfit. When I put it together I just pulled random things from my closet in less than a second and somehow it came together well. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I mean yeah, it's nothing crazy or exotically hard to put together, but I like it. I am so flipflappin happy that big fluffy furry jackets are oh sooo in right now. I don't know when they really went out of style... I want to say like 2004 (didn't everything though...) but they're back!! Hooray!! This jacket is also warm as heck so that's a plus when I want to go semi bare legged... hehehe

I hope everyone has a fabulously beautiful week! Any big plans? xoxo


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