Snow Whites

So remember a few weeks ago when I posted this? I was so stoked about that snow, bless my sweet sweet heart, we got flurries. Today I sit in my bed looking out onto nine plus inches. Now don't get me wrong, that was a great (cold), very fun shoot... but I'm happy I got a second chance with more snow and another dress! Two beautiful dresses, two photoshoots, a whole lot of snow and one very cold Olivia, woohoo! This is yet another vintage-y dress. Not sure where it came from, I just found it in my grandmother's closet and I love it. Also, on top of my head, that's a pearl necklace I got when I was a little tiny tot. Upcycling?
This time I tried to go with a more folk-y look, thanks to the ABM Folk Collection, that was very possible. I love how these photos turned out :)


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