Pinspiration Monday // Grow For Me

You have all been gathered on this sunny Pinspiration Monday to discuss a pressing matter: The Pixie Cut. To grow or to not grow. Lately I have been scrolling through Pinterest and Tumblr, as usual.. and I've been seeing these great short bobs and mid length cuts. I loooveee them. A few days ago, if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen this post of me reminiscing on warm summer days. In that photo I had long(er) hair. And to be honest I sorta miss it... So today I'm going to show you some photos of cuts I like.

Above we see my favorite (top left), the ohhhh so chic short bob that looks like it's from the 20s. I love a super short bob, it's elegant, feminine, and extremely posh. haha I know, I know, "posh"... really? But it is!
And then there's the middle part blunt chop. loooooove this so much. And it's always so cute with bangs too!
But I always want to cut it right when it starts to grow out, ehhh we'll see we'll see...
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