My Birthday Party!!

Happy birthday to me! :) Last Saturday, I celebrated my birthday with all my best friends! First we all met at Can Can for fries and hot chocolate... my favorites ^u^
At Can Can I finally told my friends what we were doing, a surprise scavenger hunt around Cary Town!!! It turned out to be sooo much fun! We were all divided into randomized groups and competed to collect all the goodies and take all the photos for the prize. Elizabeth and I were a team and we ended up winning! But don't worry I had no idea what the rules or clues were beforehand, my mom put it all together. Go Moms!! :)
 Teams coming up with a plan ;)
I put these photos from Can Can in black and white because, Can Can, although the atmosphere is great and fun, the photos are always an ugly yellow... bleh
I'll post a bunch of these ^^ photos soon, they are all so funny and super cute :)
Extra special thank you for my best friends for making my special day all the more special and fun :) xo


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