Heat Wave Book Club

Last weekend, we were hit with a TOTAL heat wave, one day its cloudy and 30 degrees, and then the next it's 80! What's up with that?! Global Warming is what, and it's terrifying.
But I will admit, all Earth eating harms aside, I did quite enjoy the warm weather for a bit while it lasted.

I spent my day outside, basking under the sun, in the grass, on this yellow sheet. Wearing suede shorts and my go-to warm day flowy shirt. The train was rolling by and the breeze was heavy. I've been fiddling around with my Polaroid camera that Elizabeth gave me for my birthday (what a wild present right?! She's amazing) and reading books written by the best fashionistas. I think I got a bug bite, it felt like summer.

Yet, hold up, it's FEBRUARY. It's weird, February in RVA is always like this, there will be a few warm days and then in March we'll get mad snow. It's fun, a nice break from the cold. I'm just excited for India where it'll be like this EVERYDAY!! :D

glasses- Forever 21 // shirt- Marshalls (was a dress) // earrings- Moms // shorts- Forever 21
"It" by Alexa Chung, "A Guide To Fashion Blogging" by Kate Nutting
I hope this heat wave his you where ever you are and you too can enjoy some time outside :) xo


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