top- Vera Wang // jacket- Calvin Klein Jeans // skirt- vintage // shoes- Circus // hat- H+M // earrings- handmade // bracelet- Forever 21

I call this one, "How do you style a vintage checkered, ankle length wrap skirt?" Honestly, this is my valiant effort right here. This skirt has been sitting in my closet for a while now, just staring at me, and me staring back thinking, "what to do what to do what to do...." Sorry I didn't share too many full body photos, but from what you can see it's synched pretty well at the waist, but at that awkward underboob waist. Pardon my modesty... But yeah, it's pretty darn awkward. I tried to take it to an edgy route and I think that worked.
What do you think?

You're probably wondering why this post is titled, "Aussie", well it's that time of the year again... Winter is cold, winds are heavy, and over in Australia, people sip smoothies in little bikinis and shorty shorts. Typically I'd be overflown with jealousy, but for some reason, this year I'm really not. I am loving all this snow! And that brought me to thinking, do people in Australia get jealous of us here in the US? Winter in Australia doesn't even get that cold, are they jealous of our snow? I hope so... mwahaha If you're an Aussie, let me know! What are your thoughts on the weather?


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