The Birthday Chronicles are back! feat. my wishlist 1/17

A Few Birthday Goodies

Topshop round neck dress, $50 / Forever 21 graphic t shirt / Forever 21 zip coat / ASOS black and white jumpsuit / Akira mid calf black skirt / Lace hosiery / Hollywood Mirror sheer socks / Swedish Hasbeens wood shoes / The WhitePepper block heel boots / Swedish Hasbeens ankle strap high heel sandals / NIKE mirror shoes, $61 / Forever New rucksack bag, $33 / VIVETTA hat, $225 / Tech accessory / Red queen bedding

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Wellll.... not quite yet, but so SO soon! It's weird to think that I'll be seventeen at the end of this month, but weirder that it means that I'm just a year away from being eighteen.... That's just wild to me...

If you've been reading for a while, you'll probably remember a little series I did last year called "The Birthday Chronicles" I made a list of sixteen things I wanted to do before my birthday and posted them under "The Birthday Chronicles". This year, as I'll be seventeen, I'll be doing seventeen posts :)

Here's the thing, I've slacked a little bit though, instead of taking advantage of the entire month to do my seventeen things I now only have ten days.... oops. But because of that I am going to let my bday chronicles go until February (my party is in Feb hehe), instead of just the 28th (my birthday). Also, I don't have to do these in order, these are just the things I want to do.

Without further ado, my list:
1. Share my wishlist (check!)
2. Buy the BEST birthday dress to wear on my day and totally rock it (obvi)
3. Go to a concert
4. Open an etsy shop
5. Paint my nails all different patterns
6. Check two Leo movies off my List
7. Deck out in my favorite color (pink, that wont be hard, wink)
8. Make homemade pizzas
9. See an R rated movie in theaters
10. Rock purple lipstick
11. Have fun with Bath Bombs
12. Draw a lot
13. Go Thrifitng
14. Start the transparent glasses trend
15. Make birthday sundaes with Ally
16.Go out to a fancy dinner
17. Celebrate with all of my friends and family :)

Here's to another fabulous year of my beautiful wonderful life! <33 xo


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