It's My Party (9/17)

Hey Hey It's my birthdayyy!!! Well... at least yesterday was :) But I've just gotten to edit some photos and I wanted to share! (duh) SO What I'm showing you tonight is my beautiful blue birthday dress and the AMAZING decorations I woke up to! Every year we are suprised with the dining room decorated in a spectacular way personalized just for us. A tradition I will definitely do for my kids one day :)
dress- thrifted // shoes- ShoeMint // belt- gifted

This dress is the PERFECT dress for a number of reasons, 1. It swings and twirls PERFECTLY, 2. it has a circle cutout in the back which is PERFECT, 3. It is my favorite clothing color, a PERFECT royal blue, and 4. it's PERFECTLY thrifted!!! You catch my drift? It's pretty perfect for a birthday dress.....
None other than my favorite color of course!! Thanks mama :)

What are your favorite birthday traditions?


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