DIY: Cotton Ball Garlands!!!

The other day, while eating lunch with my brother in Ellwoods, I noticed some of their holiday decorations... they had marshmallows strung from the ceiling!! I really loved how it looked, so I replicated it, but in my own way. Take a look!
 What you need:
-Assorted white buttons
-White string (embroidery floss aka friendship bracelet making string)
-Cotton Balls
-A needle to thread it all together 
The cotton balls will stay in the place you want. Just to be safe, I tied a knot at the bottom of the string, but not under each ball, your choice.

String in the buttons as you please as well, those you'll need to just look through a few times and they'll stay also.
There you have it! I really love mine, at first I wanted to make a bunch and hang them from my celing like they did in the restaurant, but I like them just over my bathroom door :) Enjoy!

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