Words With Sunday + Chapter 37

This Sunday (yesterday) we went to a new/old place called Pearly's. You see, we went to Pearly's a while ago, but this time they've redecorated and updated their outdated menu. As a vegetarian, at first I was really skeptical seeing as most things had meat, but I settled on trying the Cinnamon Babka French Toast... oh man, it was delicious. And their brussel sprouts and french fries (weird combo I know but..) SO GOOD!
 shirt- Old Navy // skirt- Foreve 21 // jacket- Calvin Klein Jeans // socks- Forever 21 // shoes- Danskos // necklace- Show The Love

Here we have a typical "Olivia tryna bring the 90s back" outfit. This outfit is nothing unique for me. Ever since Ally gave me this skirt for my birthday last year I have been wearing it just about once every week. I love it. And better yet, this jacket I "borrowed" (wink wink) from my brother's closet is perfect to complete the look. It's big and grungy, I loooovvveeeee it. I uesed to not like jean jackets, but I can't stop wearing this one!

Have a good rest of your holiday breaks! xo


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