That Best Time of Year

 Here are a few photos of our fabulous Christmas yesterday.
I hope you all had excellent holidays. Where ever you are, if you're curled up by the fire with family, or starting a new day with brunch, I hope everyone is happy :)

I got so many amazing things for Christmas this year, just about everything on my wish list! But if there is one thing I am truly grateful for it's being able to have all my family home for the holidays. Being the youngest, I've had to go through two siblings leaving home and growing up, and being alone a lot in a big empty house. This Christmas I've gotten the chance to spend time with not only my brother and sister, but parents, grandma, uncle, and friends. Yeah, this Christmas I got lots of items on my wishlist, but I also got lots of experiences and memories spent with the people I love most. And I hope you did too :)


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