2015?! ALREADY?! You've Got To Be Kidding Me.......

(^^ this photo is from New Years Eve spent with Ally)
Tonight I received a notification that Google+ had made me yet another, "Year in Review" video... 
When I saw this notification, my jaw literally dropped. 
Is that you?!
HOW did this year go by SO darn fast?! It feels like a a few months maybe, since I saw my last "Year in Review" video! What's up with that? So I thought, I might as well share some of the highlights of my year and then show you guys the video. It's pretty darn cool.
 January first. Wanna guess how we spent it? Photoshooting... lol typical
 A few days later, I cut and dyed my hair to it's "natural color" from blonde, I hated this cut... I guess I can't pull off Katie Holmes too well...
best birthday ever
 And I even got to meet up with one of my camp bffs Sophie!!
 Emma and I both had birthdays in January, we celebrated early before she went to Costa Rica for six months (!!)
 Then Ally and I both turned 16 on January 28th!
How wild is it that we have the same birthday?!
 Missed Emma while she was in Costa Rica having the time of her life (hello, Jealous!)
many a, many a, many a photoshoot.....
 and many a DIY
A group of us from school traveled to Austin for a week, so fun!!!
 I had quite a few parties/get-togethers this year for just about every holiday.

 We went to Friday Cheers just about every weekend
 WOOSH! Emma and I dyed our hair PURPLE!
 This summer I enjoyed my last summer of camp as a camper ;(
To celebrate Ally's birthday! This was also a surprise for her :) She never saw it coming since it was in the summer!! But who wants to go to the beach in January? :P bleh
 Words With Sunday hit 37 This year!! Woohoo!!
 I was SO lucky to be asked to be apart of a Free People photoshoot. 
Huh, just now realizing I never shared with y'all the photos that they used on their website. OMG! .....coming soon...
For  Halloween this year I went as Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time! <3
 This hunk turned 40, OWWOWW!
 Many, many selfies were taken in 2014...
And I'm feeling great :)
(post about it coming soon)
 we went to BOULDER for Thanksgiving! SOO much fun!
And here we are... The year coming to a close with Christmas. 
2014 was a great year, it really was. 
Let's hope 2015 is even better!


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