Words With Sunday + Chapter 33


To finish off my extremely busy weekend of birthday parties and fashion shows (posts coming soon) ... we ate close to home for brunch, a place called Azzuros. Having been there for dinner many times and loooovvvving their classic Italian, we were excited to try it for brunch! Unfortunatly... it's really a dinner place, brunch wasn't that spectacular. Saunders and I had a tough time deciding what to order, simply because there was so few that was appealing! 
If you're thinking about going to Azzuros, dinner or lunch is the time!

I ended up getting a margarita pizza, only because it's all I knew was good, and weirdly was on the brunch menu... However, Papa did enjoy his eggs benedict, Saunders said his pancakes were "okay"
 This is one of my FAVORITE thrift finds, this midi dress is timeless, its flowey-flounceyness and deep colors make it perfect for fall. It is so light weight and still a statement! One of my favorites in my closet by far...
 These shoes my mother and grandmother bought for me at a local thrift store. Not typically something that I would pick out, but their metallic snakeskin print is TDF! Plus, since they are lace up, like most heals-- you don't have to worry about your heels slipping out or clenching your toes when you walk, they are a perfect fit!
 Oh and hey... I chopped off all my hair!
A post about that coming soon!!
 dress- vintage thrifted // shoes - bcbg // belt - forever 21 // purse - Ashby's
p.s. it's still a little pink in the back!! :O


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