Boulder, CO, USA

Happiest of Happy Thanksgiving :)

hahaha I just love this photo... post grocery shopping for our very vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner :)
so without further ado...
 We spent all day in the kitchen creating master pieces.
 marshmallow eyes
 This Thanksgiving for the first time ever, we traveled to Boulder, Colorado to visit my sister. I have to say, it has probably been the best Thanksgiving yet. Not only was the food great (heh heh probs cause I cooked a lot of it wink wink) but I am surrounded by the people I love most, and in the absolute most beautiful place on earth. I am so lucky to be able to experience the joy of traveling and having an amazing family that I love, and loves me so so dearly. 

Tomorrow, we are going to go down to Pearl Street and shop around a bit. I can't wait, Emma said that there are a bunch of stores that she's been dying to show me. 
I love Boulder!!
How was your Thanksgiving?
xo.Olivia <3


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