They Watched You Taking Pictures of Me Standing in The Bushes Up Against This Resturant

 The title says it all... Let's chat about being a fashion blogger real quick, and I mean quick, this isn't going to be long (I don't think...)(ehhhh...)

Today, we will discuss two of the struggles of being a fashion blogger:
Numero Uno- Trying not to repeat outfits. 
Y'all, I am in high school, I'm 16 and my parents still drive me around. I do not live in New York and have cash to shop in SoHo every night and dine at the Top of the Rock every evening. I shop at Goodwill and have a lot of overalls and crop tops, nothing extravagant. I think a few other bloggers can feel my pain when I say, finding outfits that I haven't done or isn't overdone is seriously really hard. I'm trying to keep ya'll interested, so now don't make a fuss if I rewear a shirt or shoes or a skirt a few (a hundred) times, this is the real world. I rewear like it's my job.
Deux- People and Cat Calls
Okay, this is something that can either be fun or seriously not okay. It depends who it is from, and when I say this it's kinda broad... let me explain. The cat calls that are annoying and just rude and creepy are from the  middle aged men who drive slowly by and honk at you and wink. NOT OKAY, girls, this is not a form of flattery, this is demeaning and rude. Hearing things yelled out of car windows like "Hey pretty lady" and "Work it sexy girl!" are things that make me uncomfortable and sometimes can take the fun out of blogging in public. I stand by the sticker on my laptop. (p.s. if you like that, scroll down on their website and look, you can buy it on a phone case, hoodie, tshirt, throw pillow, tote... how awesome is that! I<3 redbubble) But really. Being cat called at isn't fun. However sometimes it's awkward and funny when I will be taking photos with Ally on a sidewalk and people are trying to walk by and you have to be like "You can walk by, you're good" and they're really timid and are like "You uh.. you look cute..?" It's funny and weird. There are definitely lots of eyes and nods in passing a fashion blogger and her photographer. Especially when you are standing in weird places just to get a good backdrop, like in the bushes...
 overalls - Gap // shirt - Choies
All in all though, I do really love being a fashion blogger. I get to always try new things to keep you all on your toes, itching to see what I'm going to post next. 
I love all of my readers, thank you for reading and always being there!


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