She Dreamt In Constilations, When She Woke Up In The Middle of the Night, She Saw Stars

 The Solar System, my imagination and fabulous outfit sets.
 You may already know this, but I've got quite the wild imagination. I have been drawing again a lot lately, and when I draw, typically it is people who are imagining things, their desires, aspirations, or whatever; pizza, cupcakes, to fly. For me, I have always really wanted to go out into space (Mama, don't freak out, I wont...) It is a world of a whole lot of nothingness and a massive amount of everything. The universe is endless, and beyond the universe... just more universe! 

I can't help but imagine what it'd be like to live in a place where there is endless happiness, you can jump on the stars and float in the milky way, while eating Milky Way Bars!!! In my perfect world, I am a gypsy, traveling and discovering new galaxies and alternate universes! I dream about traveling to a new world that's colorful and free like this every day. I want to find my way in the universe and my place in the galaxy. 

But until then... I'll just draw about it.

On another note...

set - H+M // shoes - ShoeMint
Just how fabulously adorable is this shirt/skirt set from H+M?! SO FABULOUSLY ADORABLE! I am simply so in love with it... I feel like I wear it literally all the time but this is the first you in the blogosphere are seeing of it. What do you think?
Do you like a set? So Clueless am I right?!
Love it!


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