Little Black Dress Just Walked Into The Room

 This is Ally's dress and I am obsessed with it, it is just so darn flowey and flouncy, but also simple and cute! It has some leather detailing at the top if you can tell as well... A LBD is such a wardrobe essential... I have a few now, but thanks to Ally I now have one more ;) just kidding... or am I? As best friends I'll admit, we do a lot of, *looks into closet* "Oh hey, I like this dress... Imma take it for a little bit..." and yeah that's how it goes... So yeah, Ally? I'm gunna have this for a little while.. k? thanks. It's a bff thing I guess haha

What's your wardrobe must have?
dress - Forever 21 // shoes - Steve Madden // necklaces - gifted

I am also rather into these gladiator sandals my mother got for me for only $40!!! It sounds like a lot (and it sort of is...) But I have been hunting, and I mean HUNTING for shoes like these, but I can only ever find them for $130+! Crazy! The cost of high fashion is just too high. Can't money have it's same value but clothes be only $1? Or there be a store where all the cutest clothes and items come together in one place just for the Olivia's of the world, and everything in that store be 99¢? That would be stellar... is that selfish? No, I'm just broke... hehhheeeee... Oh the struggles of being in high school with out a job and a shopping addiction... That's what Goodwill is for I guess! Goodwill = life!
haha well that's enough rambling, before I say something really pointless...


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