It Appears As Though I Have Arrived To Your Terrace Garden Party a Little Early...

 It's Thursday Guys..... We are seriously so close. 
Ally and I took these photos last weekend, as we were searching for a spot to have a little photoshoot we came across this super duper fun pop of what looks to me like someones garden brunch on a terrace... But we busted the not so party, party scene and took some photos, it was at the VMFA (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts) so it was alright to be here don't freak. 

So, on the note of the VMFA, I decided to post these photos today in honor of the Orientation of the Teen Stylin' that is TODAY at the VMFA!!! 
What is that you might ask?

Weeelllllll.... every year our museum has this awesome program for students who are interested in being fashion designers, or just interested in fashion. How it works is that each student gets assigned a piece of art that is in the VMFA to base their garment off of. The winner gets to go to NYC for like a week or something crazy like that!!! I have been wanting to do this since I was in the 6th grade, however, it isn't until high school that you can do a self nomination, and this was the first year I actually got my stuff together and signed up. And well... I GOT IN!!!! This is a HUGE opportunity and not many people get in so it's kinda a big deal..... I am SO excited, and SOOO nervous!! But it is going to be so fantastic guys, I am really really excited. I will be designing and modeling what ever spectacular creation I come up with. Your support means a lot to me, I will probably post (or at least) try to post some updates on how my designing goes and the process... I will SURLY post what piece I am designing off of... Oh man guys, I really cannot wait!
From RVA? Come out and see me! The showcase is November 22nd at the VMFA! <3
dress - TJ Maxx // shoes - Target

So much love y'all xoxolivia!! :))


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