Sunday, September 28, 2014
Thursday, September 25, 2014
Four Word Thursday

Four Word Thursday

Stripes and a Dollhouse
Sunday, September 21, 2014
Words With Sunday + Chapter 28 (video!)

Words With Sunday + Chapter 28 (video!)

Cheers! It's Sunday!
Although my weekend has been nothing but busy... work, work, work is all I do anymore! The weather has been absolutely beautiful and I really cannot complain. Life is spectacular these days and I'm feeling gooood!

This morning we went to "Xtras Café" It was alright, I thought it was okay, but my dad said he was disappointed. Bummer right? Hey you have to try them all out so you know which ones to go back to.
Passing around the glasses. 
Oh and yeah, I'm wearing a wig... my hair was dirty and I didn't have time to shower... It was just one of those days I guess, I was feeling pretty bold haha
outfit details in the video!! :)
Have a happy Sunday, have any plans for this week? I'm awfully busy with tests and quizzes and such... what about you?
Friday, September 19, 2014
They Watched You Taking Pictures of Me Standing in The Bushes Up Against This Resturant

They Watched You Taking Pictures of Me Standing in The Bushes Up Against This Resturant

 The title says it all... Let's chat about being a fashion blogger real quick, and I mean quick, this isn't going to be long (I don't think...)(ehhhh...)

Today, we will discuss two of the struggles of being a fashion blogger:
Numero Uno- Trying not to repeat outfits. 
Y'all, I am in high school, I'm 16 and my parents still drive me around. I do not live in New York and have cash to shop in SoHo every night and dine at the Top of the Rock every evening. I shop at Goodwill and have a lot of overalls and crop tops, nothing extravagant. I think a few other bloggers can feel my pain when I say, finding outfits that I haven't done or isn't overdone is seriously really hard. I'm trying to keep ya'll interested, so now don't make a fuss if I rewear a shirt or shoes or a skirt a few (a hundred) times, this is the real world. I rewear like it's my job.
Deux- People and Cat Calls
Okay, this is something that can either be fun or seriously not okay. It depends who it is from, and when I say this it's kinda broad... let me explain. The cat calls that are annoying and just rude and creepy are from the  middle aged men who drive slowly by and honk at you and wink. NOT OKAY, girls, this is not a form of flattery, this is demeaning and rude. Hearing things yelled out of car windows like "Hey pretty lady" and "Work it sexy girl!" are things that make me uncomfortable and sometimes can take the fun out of blogging in public. I stand by the sticker on my laptop. (p.s. if you like that, scroll down on their website and look, you can buy it on a phone case, hoodie, tshirt, throw pillow, tote... how awesome is that! I<3 redbubble) But really. Being cat called at isn't fun. However sometimes it's awkward and funny when I will be taking photos with Ally on a sidewalk and people are trying to walk by and you have to be like "You can walk by, you're good" and they're really timid and are like "You uh.. you look cute..?" It's funny and weird. There are definitely lots of eyes and nods in passing a fashion blogger and her photographer. Especially when you are standing in weird places just to get a good backdrop, like in the bushes...
 overalls - Gap // shirt - Choies
All in all though, I do really love being a fashion blogger. I get to always try new things to keep you all on your toes, itching to see what I'm going to post next. 
I love all of my readers, thank you for reading and always being there!
Thursday, September 18, 2014
It Appears As Though I Have Arrived To Your Terrace Garden Party a Little Early...

It Appears As Though I Have Arrived To Your Terrace Garden Party a Little Early...

 It's Thursday Guys..... We are seriously so close. 
Ally and I took these photos last weekend, as we were searching for a spot to have a little photoshoot we came across this super duper fun pop of what looks to me like someones garden brunch on a terrace... But we busted the not so party, party scene and took some photos, it was at the VMFA (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts) so it was alright to be here don't freak. 

So, on the note of the VMFA, I decided to post these photos today in honor of the Orientation of the Teen Stylin' that is TODAY at the VMFA!!! 
What is that you might ask?

Weeelllllll.... every year our museum has this awesome program for students who are interested in being fashion designers, or just interested in fashion. How it works is that each student gets assigned a piece of art that is in the VMFA to base their garment off of. The winner gets to go to NYC for like a week or something crazy like that!!! I have been wanting to do this since I was in the 6th grade, however, it isn't until high school that you can do a self nomination, and this was the first year I actually got my stuff together and signed up. And well... I GOT IN!!!! This is a HUGE opportunity and not many people get in so it's kinda a big deal..... I am SO excited, and SOOO nervous!! But it is going to be so fantastic guys, I am really really excited. I will be designing and modeling what ever spectacular creation I come up with. Your support means a lot to me, I will probably post (or at least) try to post some updates on how my designing goes and the process... I will SURLY post what piece I am designing off of... Oh man guys, I really cannot wait!
From RVA? Come out and see me! The showcase is November 22nd at the VMFA! <3
dress - TJ Maxx // shoes - Target

So much love y'all xoxolivia!! :))
She Dreamt In Constilations, When She Woke Up In The Middle of the Night, She Saw Stars

She Dreamt In Constilations, When She Woke Up In The Middle of the Night, She Saw Stars

 The Solar System, my imagination and fabulous outfit sets.
 You may already know this, but I've got quite the wild imagination. I have been drawing again a lot lately, and when I draw, typically it is people who are imagining things, their desires, aspirations, or whatever; pizza, cupcakes, to fly. For me, I have always really wanted to go out into space (Mama, don't freak out, I wont...) It is a world of a whole lot of nothingness and a massive amount of everything. The universe is endless, and beyond the universe... just more universe! 

I can't help but imagine what it'd be like to live in a place where there is endless happiness, you can jump on the stars and float in the milky way, while eating Milky Way Bars!!! In my perfect world, I am a gypsy, traveling and discovering new galaxies and alternate universes! I dream about traveling to a new world that's colorful and free like this every day. I want to find my way in the universe and my place in the galaxy. 

But until then... I'll just draw about it.

On another note...

set - H+M // shoes - ShoeMint
Just how fabulously adorable is this shirt/skirt set from H+M?! SO FABULOUSLY ADORABLE! I am simply so in love with it... I feel like I wear it literally all the time but this is the first you in the blogosphere are seeing of it. What do you think?
Do you like a set? So Clueless am I right?!
Love it!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Little Black Dress Just Walked Into The Room

Little Black Dress Just Walked Into The Room

 This is Ally's dress and I am obsessed with it, it is just so darn flowey and flouncy, but also simple and cute! It has some leather detailing at the top if you can tell as well... A LBD is such a wardrobe essential... I have a few now, but thanks to Ally I now have one more ;) just kidding... or am I? As best friends I'll admit, we do a lot of, *looks into closet* "Oh hey, I like this dress... Imma take it for a little bit..." and yeah that's how it goes... So yeah, Ally? I'm gunna have this for a little while.. k? thanks. It's a bff thing I guess haha

What's your wardrobe must have?
dress - Forever 21 // shoes - Steve Madden // necklaces - gifted

I am also rather into these gladiator sandals my mother got for me for only $40!!! It sounds like a lot (and it sort of is...) But I have been hunting, and I mean HUNTING for shoes like these, but I can only ever find them for $130+! Crazy! The cost of high fashion is just too high. Can't money have it's same value but clothes be only $1? Or there be a store where all the cutest clothes and items come together in one place just for the Olivia's of the world, and everything in that store be 99¢? That would be stellar... is that selfish? No, I'm just broke... hehhheeeee... Oh the struggles of being in high school with out a job and a shopping addiction... That's what Goodwill is for I guess! Goodwill = life!
haha well that's enough rambling, before I say something really pointless...
Tuesday, September 16, 2014
My Heart Says Sweaters and Booties, But This 85 Degree Weather Begs To Differ...

My Heart Says Sweaters and Booties, But This 85 Degree Weather Begs To Differ...

 Okay it is time to come clean, and I am okay with saying it now. 
I want Autumn.
Forget summer.
School has started, I am in the zone and so so ready for cool mornings and breezy orange afternoons. Fall, Fall, Fall!! 
The title of this post really says it all...
What's your favorite season?
pants - H+M // belt - Forever 21 // sweater - small boutique // necklace - Macy's // shoes - Target

How has your Tuesday been?
Happy 19th Birthday To My Brother!!!!

Happy 19th Birthday To My Brother!!!!

Today, my brother and best friend Saunders turns ninteen! Isn't that just too crazy?!?!?? Saunders is not in college and I miss him so SOO much it's not even funny! But he is the most hilarious, fun lovin', best brother ever. Honestly, honestly the nicest, most caring person I know. I couldn't have asked for a better brother. 
You're amazing big bro. I love you to the moon and back :) 
Sorry I'm not there to celebrate it with you and wake you up with exotic decorations and your favorite rendition of an omelet or cinnabunns. I doubt your roommates are nearly as cool and fun to live across the hall from, I sure do miss you :'(
Happy Birthday tho

I love you so so much! 19 is going to be the best year yet!!
xoxo Coonis
Monday, September 15, 2014
We Go To This School Where We Have School Dances, You Know The Kind...

We Go To This School Where We Have School Dances, You Know The Kind...

 Our first school dance of the year was on Saturday!!!!
It was SOOO fun! Here are some photos from getting ready... just a few...
 Here I am with Ally showing off our glamorous looks before heading out to the big party.
just kidding
this was right before we were going over to Isabelle's to really get glammed up!
 Kaylizzle, Joya et Moi
And here's the entire group!! 
I love all my besties, so happy and greatful to be spending my high school days with these amazing girls! 

RVA, The City Of Murals

RVA, The City Of Murals

 Happy Monday!!
RVA, my home, Richmond, Virginia is full and I mean full of murals! They're everywhere! You'd think that after living here for eight years we'd drive past them naturally with no oo's and ahh's, sort of accustomed to the wonderful wacky wall art... But no, trust me, every corner, down every alley there are heads turned at the murals, new and old. And of course, they are some of my FAVORITE places to take photos. There are so many, SO MANY PHOTOSHOOTS!!! AHH!! I bloggers dream basically... if you're looking for some new backdrops for your photos, head to good ol' RVA!
shirt - H+M // shorts - Lee (thrifted) // belt - Target