Words With Sunday + Chapter 25

 Welcome back Words With Sunday am I right?! It has been a while, I'm glad to be back into the swing of things here on the blog :) 
So yesterday, My dad brother and I went to The Kitchen on Cary. We had already been there for dinner which was also good, except to be honest each time I seem to the be only one on the short end just not getting the best thing there is. Everyone else seemed to love it, and that's always good.
 Feeling kinda like Miss Skeeter from the Help... I love this skirt and just this outfit to pieces. The skirt was actually my moms when she was younger! That just makes it all the more special!
shirt - thrifted // skirt - vintage // shoes - ShoeMint (Leightons) // sunnies - Forever 21

Oh and I redyed like most of my head purple if you hadn't already noticed... and I just LOVEEEE IT!!! hehee Have a great Monday! xoxolivia.


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