Studying Up On Upcoming Fall Trends

 I cannot believe I am about to say what I am about to say... the fact that Summer is coming to an end... oh wow... that was difficult to admit... but on the bright side, FALL! And what is the best part about Fall besides leaves changing and Pumpkin Spice Lattés? THE FASHION! But really, the fact that "Fall Fashion" is an alliteration just makes it legit. I have been reading every single inch of the Fall fashion mags, I can't wait to strut my stuff in booties and maroon tights. Oh and just a heads up, fall florals are back, but stick with emerald tones nothing too bright. Also, although the green leaves are leaf-ing (see what I did there?) us for a while, deep greens and forest greens are so in for this fall and winter. Especially when worn in wools, sweaters, shawls... things with texture...
shirt - HUE // jeans - Forever 21 // shoes - ShoeMint
What are some of your favorite things about Fall Fashion? Or just Fall in general? Comment below! :) xoxolivia


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