I am not sure whether or not I like the oh so infamous "boyfriend jeans" I would always get them in a store to try on, try them on and realize, wait... what is this..?? Magazines and other bloggers seem to rave about them, but they are just so unflattering, not to mention they are light jeans! Which is already unflattering enough... but hey, I got these ugly looking pants from Goodwill that originally were cuffed up to the knee, just one fold, and not distressed at all. Oh, and the cuff was flared. Cute... but not for me. So I messed with them and now I think I like them! 
What are your thoughts on boyfriend jeans, and in addition to that, pairing jeans with a jean jacket?
I love a joutfit! (jean-outfit)
Have a good evening :)
jacket - my brothers // jeans - Goodwill (IZod) // shirt - Forever 21 // shoes - ShoeMint // necklace - gifted


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