Ocean City, NJ, USA

Ocean City Sweet Sixteen Overview

Alrighty! How is everyone this fine fine Friday morning? I know I'm great! Okay so as many of you may know, from Monday to Wednesday I vacationed up north to Ocean City, New Jersey for a few days at the beach and on the boardwalk celebrating Ally's very belated sixteenth birthday. Phew that was a run on sentence... anyway today I am going to share some of my favorite photos from the trip and give a brief overview! Although, let's be real, it would be nearly impossible to really put into words truly how great of a time I had with Ally. #bestfriendstuff
This is what the beach looks like from the infamous boardwalk!
After a long day, ya get pretty tired, I <3 sleep.
This is the hotel we stayed in, The Flanders! It's right on the boardwalk; so much fun! But beware... It's HAUNTED! AH!
Ally and I thought that this was pretty funny...
The photo on the right was in New York for my sweet sixteen, and the one on the left is the recreated version from Ally's sweet sixteen! When we saw it we knew we had to take a picture.
Tickets for the rides at Castaway Cove!
Pardon my beautiful nails... the polish peeled off in the ocean that day hehe 
Skylar, if you don't know, is one of my all time best friends from camp whom I haven't seen in over two years!!! It was so crazy that we got to meet up, I missed her like crazy, Skylar if your reading this, I love ya!
lol candidzz lol
I had a fantastic time in New Jersey with Ally. Can't wait to return sometime soon!
Ocean City, I love you!
Happy Birthday Layna :)
p.s. Don't forget to check out the Ocean City video I made if you haven't already seen it!


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