So I know what you may be thinking... Oh... another one of these posts... gaaahsh bloggers and magazines are always trying to just sell confidence like it's just that easy... Hey, reality check, it can be. And today, I'm gonna tell you how :)
Be Yourself, Beautifully... 
For me, a very fashion forward person, I have realized that I feel best when dressed up, riggghhhttt... it sounds kinda silly, but it's true.. I am most confident when dressed well and feeling beautiful. And knowing that I am beautiful. At times I'll look in the mirror and just sigh at the fact that, "Ugh, My arms are too big... Oh my Gosh! Those Thighs!" give yourself a break already! As many times that you have heard that 'Each and everyone of you is a beautiful and stunning individual in simply who you are, not how you look or how much you weigh..." But hey, that's just that, it's so true. No, I am not at all saying, throw away the makeup and nice things and just be your natural self, because I love makeup and clothing that makes me not only look pretty, but feel extra pretty. It sounds a bit backwards, but when dressed well I move comfortably, and act accordingly, It is as if the clothing is just another layer of my skin that I am at home in. When I was younger I was bullied about how I dressed, things were mix matched and nothing coordinated. To the girls around me I was like a foreign object just trying to fit in and make things work. However, each and everyday I would arrive at school, or where ever I was going with my head held high knowing; "This is what I want to wear, this is how I want to look, and no one and their hurtful words can stop me from feeling fabulous in how I look in these stellar sequin tank tops and jeggings with camo shorts on top.. Because I look fantastic." And with that I am comfortable to be my self, be wild, silly, powerful... Beautifully. Because I feel beautiful. I have confidence in my appearance. I am beautiful. 
Play It Up A Little, Experiment
One of the things that I love about finding confidence is that it doesn't just happen in a good nights sleep. Over time, we are free to explore and decide how we feel best, experiment and discover what makes you walk with a beat in your head and passion in your heart. There are different types of confidence, most of the time it isn't actually just being able to go up to say a large group of people and share your life story along with the new interpretive dance to "Don't Stop Believing" you've been working on. It is knowing that you are secure and you are comfortable. Mentally happy with yourself and the surroundings that you inhabit yourself in. This may sound a little odd and weirdddddd... but I like to play characters, act around, maybe even throw in a musical number here and there ;) But in my journey of self discovery to happiness and confidence, which I am still fully on by the way... I learned that I like to mix things up, and keep people on their toes at all times. I love trying attitudes, mindsets and ways of living like they're just another dress at our local Forever 21, you never know the perfect one until you try it. Of course, always staying healthy, well and good in your experiments, you need to try new things before you are able to discover what road your life wants to take you down. Once you find your perfect fit, it wont be long until you uncover passions, loves and desires for yourself that  mold to your stunning personality. 
Reward Yourself You Winner You
We work so hard to always try and make things perfect and pristine, flawless. Yo, you do realize that that's nearly impossible? Seeing as how we all have flaws, everything has flaws! Nothing is perfect! Let's be real here folks, Titanic was the "ship that couldn't sink" I mean.... please....... too soon..? Anyway, what I am trying to get across is that you need to accept the little things in life as great mini victories. Although nothing may be perfect, we all need to lighten up and be proud of our selves for all that we do, no matter how big or small. Finally finish that English essay? Score!!! Ended World Hunger? RIGHT ON!! Some how made both of your cat eyes look seemingly even and fabulous? YOU DESERVE A MINI MEDAL! If not an award, definitely a pat on the back... It is proven (from my experiences) that the more I congratulate myself positively on all of the million little things that I do each day will make me sleep better at night, make the sun shine just a little bit brighter, just for me. Because my happiness makes me a better person inside and out. Our attitudes and feelings that we have towards our selves shape the way that people see us, and the way the world is around us. If you are positive and proud, everything around you will be all the more fantastic. And that will boost your confidence immensely!   
Apply Yourself
This may not be the first time you have heard these things, whether they are in a new perspective or not, but go out and apply yourself. Like I said, you never know who you become until you try yourself out. So go out there be who you want to be, wear what you want to wear, love your beautiful little self. You'd be surprised just how confident you really are when you look up from the pavement and see just how wonderful you can be when you apply yourself to this spectacular world and your fantastic life.
Good luck, I believe in every tiny little bit of all of you, you will find your way down the road you're meant to be on, and find just what you love and who you desire to be. 



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