Ocean City, NJ, USA

It's Just About Sunset and Everything is Pale

 Good Morning! I know what you're thinking, "okkayyy so now that Olivia is home from camp she can finally blog again! ..... but wait...... where is she, why hasn't she blogged in forever?! What ever else could she be doing?" Well in all honesty before the trip to NJ, nothing... I haven't taken a single outfit post and I have been home almost two weeks now... I really am sorry guys. BUT! There's good news! Since Ally's surprise sweet sixteen I took tons of beach pics which I will be posting throughout this week! :)

These are some photos that we took on our first night at the beach, just a few simple outfit shots... I thought that everything was so pretty because it was all so pale (okay guys, we aren't talking about my pale complexion here... I actually got kinda tan...) The sunset was so sherberty, everything was pink and blue, I fit right in in this dress I stole borrowed from Ally... ;)
The beach is such a beautiful place to take photos... More to come soon!! xoxolivia.


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