It May Be Raining, But I'm Still Shining

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
 Hey guys! These are a few quick shots that I took yesterday with my brother to show you my outfit and to take advantage of the short period of sunshine there was in yesterdays gloom. It was soooo muggy and humid that right when we walked outside my lens fogged up, how weird!? I just really liked this outfit and felt that I should share it with y'all, I mean, why not! 
This shirt is so shiny and shimmery every where I go, when the sun hits it, I'm like a disco ball!! So much fun!
shirt - thrifted // shorts - Delias // shoes - ShoeMint (Natalia) // bag - Ashby (on sale) // belt - Target

I hope where ever you are with all this rain, you can find the sunshine :) Have a spectacular day! xoxolivia