Ocean City, NJ, USA

In Honor Of Ally

 Since this trip to the beach was Ally's Sweet Sixteen trip (even though it's seven months overdue...) I am going to share some of my favorite things about Ally.
 Ally always keeps me entertained, weather she is scaring me or just being weird, she is always laughing and loving life, and enjoying her self. Her happiness is contagious
Ally prides herself in being herself. She doesn't mind what people think about her because she knows that the people who love her for her, are her best friends and the people she surrounds herself with. 
This girl really loves her Lemonade Tea, and she knows I don't. For some reason I just find this really funny... I dunno.. She drinks it literally everyday. Weirdo
I don't think I could be honest and say that I have had a best friend in the past... I mean of course when I was in first grade I sat next to another little girl and claimed we would be best friends for the rest of our lives... but seriously, Ally is the best person in my life, without her I would be just lonely and awkward. Thanks Layna.
Ally, you're a pretty funny creature, you are smart and constantly discovering all the best little bursts our lives have to offer. Love you long time best friend. 
Happy Birthday
One can only dream to master the challenging "jumping photo" honestly, I think the fails are funnier/better... 


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