Hey Diary, it's Been a While, but Now it's Raining.. Again.

 shirt - Papaya // dress - Need Supply Co. // shoes - Chinese Laundry

Good Evening to everyone reading this...
Earlier today it dawned on me, I have grown up super fast. When I was younger I used to dream about being an only child and how weird it was going to be when I was a big old teenager and Emma and Saunders were in college and I was making my way on my own, yet still feet grounded at home. Between driving, parties, fear of the oh so stressful college application process, Saunders leaving, Summer ending, and a multitude of scary things just happening right under my nose and in my life; I have come to the conclusion that I need to screw my head on and get it together, become serious about things like school, and decisions and the other people around me. I hate to be all mature, but sometimes you just have to, and I think I need to now. I can't sleep because the thoughts of the future looming around in my head haunt me awfully. 
Now I hate to get all serious here in the blogosphere, and one can only ramble so much but I guess all I am saying is that lately I have had lots of little moments of realization, like for example: The other day I was cleaning out my closet, and I was getting rid of so many of my favorite things, but I had outgrown them, or didn't really wear them too much anymore and they were taking up space. But as silly as it sounds, those pieces of clothing have memories of my past tied in their threads. It's kinda dumb but it's actually pretty sentimental I guess. 
And with that I have decided to completely slow down, write more, read often, play in the rain (like I did in these photos) and just try to be happy, it can be hard, but I want to maintain my youth as much as I can seeing as it seems to be slipping through my fingers like sifting hot sand in the summer. I just never want to grow up is all I guess.. So, sorry if you read through those rambles and just thought.. "okayyyy... whatever.." I'm just speaking my mind is all haha
p.s. my spectacular best friend Ally took these photos


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