I'm At Camp! Pt. 8 - Peplum, Pink And A Touch Of Blue

 Aloha! Once again, I have stolen Ally's clothing... well in all fairness she did take these photos and if it counts for anything I did pick out this Peplum for her at Forever 21.... No matter what I like it a lot, It's one of my favorite shirts she has, you should see it on her, it looks totes fabu! Haha, no but really it does, Ally kills it in a peplum. 

This just in... did you know that the word "peplum" is not in the dictionary? Yeah, huh? I thought I was spelling it correctly so I had to look it up and waalaaah, it's not in the dictionary... weird.
shirt - Forever 21 // belt  - thrifted // necklace - gifted // skirt - Forever 21 // shoes - ShoeMint

I am still at camp, which I am sure you already got from the title of this post and all of the previous seven ones... But I will be home soon little ones! Thank you to my faithful readers for still checking in when I am gone! Love ya! xoxolivia.


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