I'm At Camp! Pt. 5 - Lacy Tops And Crop Tops

 Here's the thing, at first when Ally and I were deciding what to wear for this post we struggled a bit, though after she chose my skirt and I chose my ever so overworn grey crop top and then we "some how" "found" "emma's" "shirt" "in" "my" "drawer...""" wink wink wink ;) It all came together and I really did end up loving this outfit. When the school year comes around (ew yuck what gross no please no) I'll probably wear this outfit a few times... Alright for planning ahead! WooHoo!
 Yet another ShoeMint purchase, these shoes, the Natalias, have become my new favorite shoes. How ShoeMint manages to make shoes that are so adorable, so comfortable yet seriously affordable?! Hey, it beats me, but I like it! I like it a lot!
And of course, a some love from my favorite guy. xoxolivia.


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