Thursday, July 31, 2014
The Month of July In The Mountains of Sapphire, North Carolina (aka camp!)

The Month of July In The Mountains of Sapphire, North Carolina (aka camp!)

 This year was by far the best summer I have ever had! Which is great because it is sadly, my last summer as a camper..... and possibly at camp... 
but! it was full of making new friends, memories, laughing until my sides hurt, just being crazy, awesome oldest camper privileges (Go Bums!!)

I was in the cabin of Bums Rest, which is the oldest cabin in camp, therefor, we got tons of special privileges and got to do cool stuff that I have never been able to do before! For example, Indian Campfire, Bums Back Rub, Wompus Cat, Vespers, Bums Prank... and many many more. It was such a stellar year. I had the best cabin and will always remember it as my Bums Fam. 
So I realize many of you readers wont exactly know what I mean when I say some camp references, so I will just show some pictures and have little captions :)

The photo above is from when the cast of Little Shop of Horrors (the musical I was in this summer) went to the playground and got ice cream after.
 (from right to left) 
Kate, Courtney, Grace, Claudia and I chillin out on the swim docks watching the Swim and Boat Meet.
Gracie, Juliet, Eden, Frances, Katie, Edith and I were in Follow The Gleam, a pageant our camp puts on, on the last Sunday of every session. I was the Holy Man, go me! haha 
 This is Courtney, Courtney (or Curt as I call her...) is my absolute best friend ever to ever surface the Camp Merrie-Woode grounds. She is my soulmate, camp wouldn't be camp without Curt.
 This year we did a Color Run which was super cool and fun!
 The cast of Little Shop on opening night!
 Kickball, Harry Potter style with Curt
 This is Anna, similar to Curt but different in so many ways, I have no idea how I could survive camp with out her......... okay lets be real here, I couldn't survive camp without her.
 Slip and Slide on the Fourth of July with Curt and Ellie :)
 In Little Shop of Horrors, I played Ronnette, the lead Urchin/DooWop Girl, it was the perfect part. Such a fun show.
Here we are on the morning of our prank, it was so fun we did "Camping out with Bumsalot" and we hung our eno hammocks everywhere in the rafters, and put tents in the dining hall. It was so SO fun!
 This is Kitty, Kitty's like my camp little sister, love her to pieces <3
 Shellfies with Anna
 This is my camp family, (from right to left) Chandler is the great great grandmother, Alex is the great grandmother, Anna is the grandmother, I am the mother, and Margaret is my daughter.... it's a long story. All I can say is I love these girls so much and I am so SO unbelievably proud of Margaret. I love you MaggsShuff
And that's that from camp this summer. 
above are the photos that I took on my disposable camera, I love them all. 
there is so much love for camp in my heart. I couldn't imagine spending my summers any other way. 
Sunday, July 27, 2014


 I come home tomorrow!!!
That may be exciting news for you all to hear, but future me (as I am writing this on the 23rd of June) knows that I will be extremely sad to leave my last summer at Camp Merrie-Woode, aka my happiest place in the entire world. However that doesn't mean that summer is over yet! 
shirt - Old Navy // shorts - Burlington // sunnies - Irresistibles // shoes - Target 
See what I did there...? I talked about Summer, only for you to see that my teeshirt said it all... haha jokes on you.
See you tomorrow!!! xoxolivia.
Wednesday, July 23, 2014
I'm At Camp! Pt. 8 - Peplum, Pink And A Touch Of Blue

I'm At Camp! Pt. 8 - Peplum, Pink And A Touch Of Blue

 Aloha! Once again, I have stolen Ally's clothing... well in all fairness she did take these photos and if it counts for anything I did pick out this Peplum for her at Forever 21.... No matter what I like it a lot, It's one of my favorite shirts she has, you should see it on her, it looks totes fabu! Haha, no but really it does, Ally kills it in a peplum. 

This just in... did you know that the word "peplum" is not in the dictionary? Yeah, huh? I thought I was spelling it correctly so I had to look it up and waalaaah, it's not in the dictionary... weird.
shirt - Forever 21 // belt  - thrifted // necklace - gifted // skirt - Forever 21 // shoes - ShoeMint

I am still at camp, which I am sure you already got from the title of this post and all of the previous seven ones... But I will be home soon little ones! Thank you to my faithful readers for still checking in when I am gone! Love ya! xoxolivia.
Thursday, July 17, 2014
I'm At Camp! Pt. 7 - Just Chillaxin' Relaxin' Actin All Cool

I'm At Camp! Pt. 7 - Just Chillaxin' Relaxin' Actin All Cool

 This is one of my comfier, cuter outfits I have. You know how most outfits that are super casual and comfy can often tend to turn into what seems to be pajamas? Well this is not the case with this outfit! I love how it is so casual yet cute and a little bit sporty. I do wish however I had a picture of me standing up so you could really see it, trust be it's cute and believe me... it sure is comfy.
shirt and shorts - thrifted // shoes - ShoeMint 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014
I'm At Camp! Pt. 6 - Sleek

I'm At Camp! Pt. 6 - Sleek

I'm feeling a wee bit like Audrey Hepburn in this dress, minus the fact that I'm pretty sure she didn't have purple hair... ehh who knows, celebrities... am I right..? I do really love a super plain elegant sleek dress. That this is. Thanks to Ally, this dress is hers, but I am thinking it wont be for long if you know what I mean... ;) Shoot, Ally, pretend you didn't just read that... heeheheheheh mwahahah
Hey how has everyone's summers been so far? It's about the middle now I'd say. Mines been awesome! xoxolivia.
Saturday, July 5, 2014
I'm At Camp! Pt. 5 - Lacy Tops And Crop Tops

I'm At Camp! Pt. 5 - Lacy Tops And Crop Tops

 Here's the thing, at first when Ally and I were deciding what to wear for this post we struggled a bit, though after she chose my skirt and I chose my ever so overworn grey crop top and then we "some how" "found" "emma's" "shirt" "in" "my" "drawer...""" wink wink wink ;) It all came together and I really did end up loving this outfit. When the school year comes around (ew yuck what gross no please no) I'll probably wear this outfit a few times... Alright for planning ahead! WooHoo!
 Yet another ShoeMint purchase, these shoes, the Natalias, have become my new favorite shoes. How ShoeMint manages to make shoes that are so adorable, so comfortable yet seriously affordable?! Hey, it beats me, but I like it! I like it a lot!
And of course, a some love from my favorite guy. xoxolivia.
Wednesday, July 2, 2014
I'm At Camp! Pt 4. - In With The Gardens

I'm At Camp! Pt 4. - In With The Gardens

 Hello Friends, Family, Fellow Followers... Today I am sharing with you one of my all time favorite types of dresses. I have shared with you other Oaxacan dresses I own, but this is my favorite one. It is so airy and light I feel so dainty and fluttery in it. In these photos, I think they are just so pretty with all the flowers on the dress and the green behind me, I feel like I am in with the gardens... hehe
dress - gifted // shoes - Ally's ShoeMint // earrings - gifted from Emma from Costa Rica! :)

Have a happy Wednesday! xoxolivia