Beastie Boys... anyone? click here and understand that reference, also read the title of my blog post... Of course, while writing this, that song is stuck in my head. I titled my post "Intergalactic" based on my holographic skirt, shoes, funky glasses and Aquarius space necklace... so everything just about (sorry shirt... you're not spacey...) But I love love love the whole holographic trend. You have to see my shoes in person, they are so cool, all trippy dippy and shiny, I love 'em.
 Aren't they cool!?
shirt - Forever 21 // skirt - American Apparel // glasses - Forever 21 // necklace - gifted // shoes - Forever 21 // earrings - Charming Charlie's // headband - Forever 21

Oh and not to forget, Happy Monday!! Do you all have busy weeks planned? Going anywhere? Stuck at work? Let me know!! That's where you comment below ;) xoxolivia.


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