I'm At Camp! Pt. 3 - Black and White, Please It's Nothing New...

 Hello Hello Helloooo!! As we all know my favorite color is pink (Sorry Sophie). And as we also all know, my favorite color combination remains to still be the ever so classic, black and white. It is simple, yet can be oh so extravagant. I guarantee you it will never and I mean never ever go out of style... It is timeless. 
 The also very pleasing thing about black and white is the fact that it can be worn any time of the year. Some people may think that black is far from a Summer color (I for one am, not one of those people...) however, would if you are wearing black lace overalls and a light loose black and white blouse? I'd consider that a Summery outfit. Thank you timeless color combinations!
shit - thrifted (duh) // overalls - Forever 21 (another duh) // shoes - ShoeMint (major duh)
I feel like after a while of reading my blog you'd all probably already be able to predict where I get my clothing from..... xoxolivia.


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